Marc Aymon, humains

Take the time to create a unique object.

Photo du bon de téléchargement
Photo du contenu du coffret
Marc Aymon wanted to give value back to music by rematerializing it in the form of a unique object. This limited edition box set was printed and produced at Cavin. It contains a vinyl, a CD, the MP3 download code of the album and a beautiful photo book bound with knotted thread.
Photo Marc Aymon

I found in the CAVIN crew the folly of still believing in the beauty of a handmade object, searching together for the right paper grain, the right Pantone, the binding with thread, digging the mine until finally finding what is closest to what one wishes to offer. To do this, you need dreams, real-life encounters, and then the time to search. The time to find.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the entire Cavin crew.

Marc Aymon


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