Today, expressing yourself through different channels is a must for your communication. Our digital team advises and supports you in your interactive and cross-media campaigns. Building a link with your community on social networks, creating or updating a website, publishing an interactive document or sending an e-newsletter, everything is possible with Cavin.

Interactive publishing

Switch from paper publications to dynamic media. Interactive publications make browsing through your documents fun and make them more visible and attractive. Videos, animations, direct links to a web page and online articles provide real added value for your customers.


An online presence brings value to your business, we help you to develop it. Whether you need to create your website or maintain your existing one, our digital team will support and advise you at all the important stages of your project.
Trusting us with your website is the key to your success.

Your online store

Why miss out on this sales channel that has become essential nowadays? We assist you in every step of the creation of your store, from the design to the payment methods, including the creation of your items.
 Sell your products and services regionally, nationally and why not internationally!

Augmented reality

Give a new dimension to your prints!
Use your mobile phone to link the real and virtual worlds. This technology, which can be used without app, makes your printed material lively and entertaining. Videos, music, animations or 3D models, unleash your creativity ! Your audience’s experience is impressive and triggers the « wow » effect.

Social medias

We support you in the management of your social networks: posts, stories, e-reputation and the organisation of sponsored campaigns. Our digital team will help you to develop your content strategy. Increase your visibility and attractiveness through social medias.

Connected paper

Classic print is no longer limited with integrated NFC chip, which offers you a real extension of your project. The chip can be used to link to a web page address or to load a vCard. No application is needed, just your printout and the mobile phone in close proximity to each other.
With Cavin, the entire web is open to you.