We would like to introduce you to Brand Shop, our B2B shop. A simple solution for your static and editable documents in accordance with your corporate identity. Thanks to the catalogue of your products, you have a constant overview of all your printed documents. Create, edit or download your files 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in a few clicks. Designed as a collaborative tool, your entire team works in synergy on the platform. Cavin offers you a unique tool to facilitate your orders and document management.


Documents editables

Editable documents

With the Brand Shop online editor, creating and modifying your documents is very simple. From the platform, you can manage your documents effortlessly, customise them to your liking and order them directly. Always in the respect of your corporate guidelines.

Static documents

Some of your documents do not need to be changed, updated or personalised regularly. Your envelopes, letterheads, brochures, leaflets can be checked and ordered in a few clicks. It’s simple and convenient, find and order all your documents in your Brand Shop.

Documents fixes

Files upload

Upload your files to be printed on Brand Shop, choose the quantity and order with peace of mind. Your PDF is automatically checked by the platform and your order is confirmed within seconds.

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